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COIN-IT TRADING (PTY) LTD Investment and Asset Management. The Prosperity Specialists!

We are here to help you build that

nest egg for the future - start today!

We offer the following services:

Truck and Plant contacts, etc.

Small investment - High returns

You can choose to investment in one unit or many.  The choice is yours.  At the end of the day, the investment you make now will guarantee you a monthly income for at least 36 months.

High return investments

You start seeing money back from the first month.  Once your unit is paid for, you will see only profit until the end of your contract.

Asset Management.

We look after your unit for you and you will have an option to renew once your contract is finished.

We want your coffers to overflow.

We want you to experience a joyful life.

Start planning what you are going to do with your savings.

We want you to stop stressing and start living.

These are a few of our wishes for you.

As the saying goes “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”